K12 Programs

Become More Efficient

Do a lot more for your schools, your students and your community while staying within your budget. We can make you a local hero by offering the following services:

Free Estimated Savings Report – based on historical averages – Request a report

Software and Application Selection – Let us help you select the right applications for your schools. Get the software, operating systems and systems architecture that fits your needs and resources – Contact us

Change Management and Transition Planning – Sometimes people have difficulty with change. We can help with a strategy and action plan to help everything go smoothly – Contact us

Hardware Evaluation – Linux systems are extremely efficient and do not require large machines with huge amounts of memory. We can help you select the right equipment for your needs – Contact us

Software and Operating System Support – We can be your second level of support for your IT help desk personnel covering all of your open source software applications – Contact us

Training – For both the end-user and your technical staff – Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discover more about our capabilities, please contact us at info@imparisystems.com

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